Kristen with a fan at Topshop in Singapore (21/09/2014)


kristen LOVES the paparazzi

Kristen on her new movie, Equals.



Kristen Stewart is having none of your gendered bull shit

kristen is an actual kickass feminist who speaks up aaaall the time and gets so little credit for it

Kristen Stewart Fashion Alphabet | A.L.C


Kristen Stewart, Photographed for Vanity Fair France

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Photograph by Sebastian Kim. 


rape culture

Anonymous whispered:
What kind of job do you want in the future/what do you plan to study? :):)

i think it’s so sweet that people are asking all these questions :)) well, i literally have no idea what i want to do, so that’s one of the reasons why i’m taking a year off. i’m good at languages, so maybe i’ll do something like that. i’m also interested in media/journalism/psychology. but that’s soo unspecific, there are tons of things i could study with these interests. the only thing i know for sure is that i don’t want to do anything that has to do with maths/science :D

4 days ago
Anonymous whispered:
What are you planning to do after high school? :)

i want to take a year off and travel :) i want to do like the work & travel thing, i don’t know if it’s gonna work out though. and after that, i want to go to university :)

4 days ago
Anonymous whispered:
You never say anything about Rob traveling to these places with her. How come?

when did he visit her on set in the past year? i don’t think he did so that’s why i didn’t mention him

4 days ago

Kristen in her hotel in Singapore (16/09/2014)

Kristen Stewart Alphabet: (U)pdo

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