Kristen, Alicia & CJ in Malibu (x)

Anonymous whispered:
you know babe we need a name ship to alicia and kristen

naah i’m not into shipnames, you do that! :D

15 hours ago
Anonymous whispered:
What will she do in Singapore? And what date?

she’ll continue shooting Equals :) the Singapore leg is supposed to start September 4

15 hours ago

Kristen & Alicia in LA yesterday afternoon (31/08/2014)

Kristen & Alicia in LA last night (01/09/2014)

Kristen Stewart at LAX Airpoirt

Sundance 2009

Kristen & friends in LA today (30/08/2014)

Kristen leaving Japan (29/08/2014)

Kristen arriving at LAX (29/08/2014) + Video + Video



"I think that after Twilight and after Snow White and the Huntsman, which were such huge movies, that I felt I didn’t want to search for the next "big, successful" thing. One thing that people do with two enormous movies is think that that’s their thing now, to do big movies, and ride that wave. I got off this huge wave and said, "I’m going to go in for a bit." I’m going to come back out later. That was good. I needed some time off. I needed to get in with my friends. I needed to be back in my life. I needed to like, live in my house and be surrounded by my own shit and play guitar and write." ― Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair France

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