Anonymous whispered:
Who was al they people at Kristens party. in the pap pics I only recognize a fe people like ashley nd CJ and Rob.

hmm, there are some people i have never seen before! so i don’t know all the names, sadly. okay, i’m gonna try:

  • CJ (guy cuddling with Ashley)
  • Ashley Benson
  • Alannah (girl with glasses)
  • Scout
  • Suzie
  • Sofu (girl with the glasses)
  • Ruth Bernstein, Kristen’s publicist & friend
  • Alicia (girl with black hair and green cap)
  • Brittenelle (girl with short blonde hair - not sure if that’s her real name or her instagram name, lol)
  • Lindsey (girl with long brown hair)
  • Kassie (girl with blonde hair looking on the ground)
  • Wyni (girl with blonde curly hair)
  • Tamra (in the red plaid shirt)
  • Graham (on the right)
  • Sydney Lopez (on the left)
  • Nicholas Hoult, actor (on the right)
  • Riley Keough, actress, girlfriend of Nicholas Hoult (?!) and played Cherie Currie’s big sister in The Runaways
  • Tyler Blackburn, actor (guy with cap)
  • Agata Bobola, wife of director Nicholas Jarecki who’s a friend of Rob (not on the pictures but instagrammed)
  • Jadan (not on the pictures but instagrammed)
  • Stan (not on the pictures but instagrammed)
  • Chelsea?! (girl in the turquoise sweater - not sure about her)
  • Gina (on the left)

man, that’s a large group. and these are like only half of the people that were there for her birthday, the source of the pictures says there were circa 40 people invited! o.O i have no idea who these people are: x, x, x, x. lol. does someone know? :D


1 year ago
  1. kkstews said: woah you are good bb
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