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Hey, do you know if Kristen and Britni Coy are still friends? I saw that Taylor has her on facebook and also Suzie/Wyni/Kass, and I was wondering because that girl made a horrible comment about kristen once :/

that Britni Coy twitter account where she ‘said bad things about Kristen’ was fake! she never made any horrible comments about Kristen, and i think they’re still friends :) i don’t think they hang out all the time like Kristen does it with Suzie, Scout, Kassie etc etc - i mean, Britni got two kids - but they are definitely still friends. there are a couple of Instagram pictures of Britni & Kristen’s other friends at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 LA premiere last November! they partied together afterwards. you can see them here (with Kristen’s dad, Britni is on the left) and also here. she was pregnant with her second child at that time :)

also, in an interview with LA Times during WTTR promo in 2010, Kristen said “My best friend just had a baby. She’s my age. So I’m a godmom now, which is … crazy.” - she’s talking about Britni here. her first child Kingston was born in 2010, and it seems like he is Kristen’s godson :’) the fact that Kristen referred to Britni as her best friend also makes it pretty clear that they are still very close. i hope this answered your question :)


1 year ago
  1. simple-aphorisms said: I thought the blonde in the first photo was Suzie…
  2. somehighbrains said: Actually Kristen’s godson is Kassie’s son - Cooper. She is his godmother. ;)
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