lanasbananawinters whispered:
I have to jump on the bandwagon and say you are absolutely stunning :) and I love all your posts, you seem like such a sweet gal x

wow, thanks so much! <3

guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH! i can’t believe how many people there are who support me like this. it surprises me every fucking time. thank you so so much, so much. <3

i’m repeating myself everyday, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! these messages mean so much to me, i can’t even put it into words. <3

ohmygod you are all so sweet, THANK YOU! :’) i don’t deserve so much love, seriously.

lanasbananawinters whispered:
what's your favourite Kristen film?:)

i’m sorry, this is impossible for me to answer :D here are my favs :) but i basically love every single movie she did, not just because she’s in it but also because she’s a fucking amazing actress and she doesn’t do a movie for money, she does it because she loves the story it tells. and i love that :)

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