"The Runaways" premiere - After Party on March 11, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA.


Invalid arguments about Kristen Stewart: People don’t respect her in Hollywood.

She makes me very proud, you know, she’s a very real person. She’s really authentic. She was dedicated. She took it really seriously, it was not a gig for her, it wasn’t like ‘Okay, I’m doing this movie and then I’ve got something else down the road.’ I mean, she cut off her hair! She immersed herself not only in the music but in the story, because I chewed her ear off about it. I know she was reading articles about it. I sent her tapes. I sent her about twenty minutes of me talking as maybe a fourteen year old. —Joan Jett about Kristen (x)

Video of Kristen leaving ‘My Valentine’ premiere together with Joan Jett

HQ from the Stella and Paul McCartney event  + more here


Top 5 Movies of Kristen: #1 The Runaways

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“I grew up in a world that told girls they couldn’t play rock ‘n’ roll.”
- Joan Jett
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