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but you'll be so freaking close to Kristen when she's in Germany..2 hours is nothing why won't you go meet her I'd love to see a fan pic :) and your blog is simply amazing <3

I KNOW DON’T POINT OUT HOW CLOSE IT IS BECAUSE IT MAKES ME EVEN MORE SAD. i won’t go meet her because i can’t! :( i mean there’s maybe still a 0.0001% chance i’ll go but probably not…i had like nothing to do all summer long and on the last day of summer break they start filming -_______- school starts on Monday for me and also it’s my little sister’s school enrolment on Saturday and also i’m taking driving lessons right now - so that’s why i can’t go. if they would have started filming only like two weeks earlier i would have been on set the minute they started filming! but now it’s almost impossible for me to go :/ let’s see what i can do but i don’t think i’ll go. it bugs me so much - and thank you btw ♥


First 7 minutes of Breaking Dawn Part 2!

We start from the moment that Part I ends. Bella has just opened her eyes. She sees everything. Tiny cracks in the walls. Dust in the air. Edward.

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Kristen & Rob will BOTH be on Le Grand Journal tomorrow, May 24th

"Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, in competition at #Cannes2012, will be reunited on the set of #LGJ tomorrow!"

Le Grand Journal starts at 7:10PM CET (1:10PM EST) (x)

Kristen for ELLE US | June 2012

Kristen, Charlize, Sam & SWATH director Rupert Sanders will be in Berlin May 16th!

Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Sam Claflin, and the director Rupert Sanders are going to come to Berlin on May 16th to promote Snow White and the Huntsman.

A fan event is planned at Ritz-Carlton, Potsdamer Platz 3, in 10785 Berlin starting at 1:30pm local time,7:30. eastern (entrance at 12pm, 6a.m. eastern). The stars will pose for photos and write autographs (the article doesn’t mention anything about a Q&A). (x)

Kristen, Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley on the cover of M Magazine (x)

Rob & Kristen at Coachella - April 22, 2012 (x)

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