We’re like family. Sometimes we just catch ourselves being ourselves and having fun on set, and camera just happen to be rolling. So there are a lot of moments where we just laughing as Taylor and Kristen.” - Taylor Lautner 


30 Days of Kristen Stewart 12. Favourites Pictures with Taylor.  

“We have that relationship, it’s lamely cute.I love that kid. I would do anything for him. I would kill for him, literally.”


“For Kristen, when she gets nervous, she gets shy and quiet — and I find it very cute. And then I think I over-exaggerate with smiling and laughing,” he said. “The only thing I can remember about presenting at the Oscars is we were up on the stage, and I could literally feel my pulse, like, through my neck. And Kristen was just like, ‘It’s gonna be OK, just breathe.’

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